2nd Year

Back Row (L-R): Robert Smith, Can't remember, Ken Dodimeade, David Smith-Jones, Rodney Fraser, Barry Lamshed (used to drive an old hearse to school), Peter McKenzie,Trevor Hanley, David Smith, Robert Snowden
Middle Row: Jennifer Schmidt, Can't remember, David Lam (did leaving over a number of years to maintain his right to stay in Aus as student) Klaus Richter, Colin Boustead, Lewis Barnes, Robert Trotter, Danny Wong(?), Lorraine Jacquier
Bottom Row: Janice Larcombe, Glenda Lanson, Mary Hickey, Merrilyn Leader, Irene Wu, Margaret ?, Dale Lockwood, Penny Langford, Cherry Campbell, Cherilyn Petherick and Mary Ward ?

Trevor, the 2 Marys and Margaret came to do their leaving year from St Mary's Star of the Sea, since at that time they didn't provide that last year of education. The teacher who took the class photo here was Greg Ramsay who I believe became some UN delegate involved in education.

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