10 - 1A3

Row one Lorna’s surname was Murukami, the girl near the right end is Janet O’Callaghan.

2nd row unknown girl next to Gay (was it Gaye Walker??? Or is that one of the boys surnames?) is Elizabeth Taylor (Liz Taylor) and unknown girl to other end is Jane Stobo and Cavenagh is actually Cavanagh, unlike the street name – down south I say it is spelt with a C not a K, up north I say Cavanagh no E’s… Ruth’s surname was Jordan wasn’t it?

 Row 3 – Emilio’s surname was Babbini – he died in 2009.

 That’s as much as I remember off the top of my head – still have the pic at home though so maybe I can find all the names in the autographs – who knows!

 Enjoy the rest of your day – cya - Barbara

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